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eeebid group operates as leading service provider of professional purchasing services implementing corporate software solutions for spend management, catalog/ordering management, contract management and supplier management. Our mission is to optimise the corporate spend management of our partners via innovative development of the strategic and operative procurement and achieving cost-reductions, furthermore elevating the procurement culture to a higher level. Due to our innovative solutions and services provided according to high standards, many of the World’s leading companies in Europe and Asia had chosen us to be partners. Therefore eeebid evolved to become the leading brand in Central- and Eastern-Europe in Spend Solutions since 2003. eeebid Provider Ltd. is operating at the Hungarian market since 2001. Since we have performed cost reduction-programs at more than 300 partners achieving more then 2500 Million EUR savings in 6000 projects. eeebid is ISO 9001 and 27001 (quality control and information security management systems) certified.
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Supplier Relationship Management     (SRM) Research 2012 - 2013

We are pleased to present you the Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) 2012 – 2013 where EEEBID appears in top 10 companies for spend management solutions.

Due to the challenging economic conditions of the last few years, many CPO’s have reverted to the old school methods of procurement: achieving savings through squeezing suppliers and contract renegotiations. We feel this trend is unfortunate as the economic situation currently creates numerous opportunities for procurement organisations to achieve savings while creating long term, sustainable relationships with suppliers. 

Functionality analysis
Supplier Relationship Management depends on collaboration amongst the enterprise’s internal and external suppliers for survival and progress. Collaboration across sourcing strategies, management
and governance remains critical to the success of supplier relationship management. 

As in previous studies, this year’s vendor review shows that the differences between applications are most visible in coverage at a functional level.

The following images will display the results of this study where eeebid company is placed as high trusted spend management solutions provider:

  • Fig. 1 - Overview of the functionality analysis (Source CapGemini)

  • pic1

  • Fig. 2 - Procurement intelligence scores (Source CapGemini)

  • pic2

  • Fig. 3 - Project management scores (Source CapGemini)

  • pic3

  • Fig. 4 - Sourcing scores (Source CapGemini)

  • pic4

  • Fig. 5 - Electronic tendering scores (Source CapGemini)

  • pic5

  • Fig. 6 - eAuctioning scores (Source CapGemini)

  • pic6

  • Fig. 7 - Supplier Management scores (Source CapGemini)

  • pic7

  • Fig. 8 - Contract Management scores (Source CapGemini)

  • pic8

  • Fig. 9 - Catalogue Management scores (Source CapGemini)

  • pic9

  • Fig. 10 - Operational Procurement scores (Source CapGemini)

  • pic10

  • Fig. 11 - External Resources scores (Source CapGemini)

  • pic11

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