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CapGemini Digital Procurement Research 2018

    We are proud and pleased to announce that CapGemini's Digital Procurement Research 2018 study was completed this year, where eeeBID Ltd. has again gained a leading position in the majority of the categories analized.

About Capgemini
    A global leader in consulting, technology services and digital transformation, Capgemini is at the forefront of innovation to address the entire breadth of clients’ opportunities in the envolving world of cloud, digital and platforms. Building on its strong 50-year heritage and deep industry-specific expertise, Capgemini enables organizations to realize their business ambitions through an array of services from strategy to operations. Capgemini is driven by the conviction that the business value of technology comes from and through people. It is a multicultural company of 200,000 team members in over 40 countries. The Group reported 2017 global revenues of EUR 12.8 billion.
About the research
    Capgemini’s Digital Procurement Research 2018. functions as a starting point for procurement departments that are looking to transform from being merely a cost-saving department to being at the value-adding core of the organization. To simplify the selection process, Capgemini researched the procurement solution market. A total of 234 vendors offering any type of Source-to-Pay solution were invited to participate in the extensive study. 36 vendors from 15 countries completed the study and were scored based on their answers. This research resulted in the Digital procurement Matrix. This matrix categorizes the solution prviders into 4 groups:
     • Compliants (28% of the participants)
     • Specialists (33% of the participants)
     • Generalists (8% of the participants)
     • All Stars (31% of the participants)
The eeeBID system, like in previous years, has also been tested this year and has been rated globally as one of the top providers among competitors such as SAP Ariba, Oracle, or Negometrix, Scanmarket. This year the system of the eeeBID Kft. was ranked 1st in 3 categories (Strategic Sourcing, Supplier Performance Management; Purchasing), and we have retained our leading position in the Supplier Performance Management category.
We have achieved excellent results in the Contract Management area, where we reached the second place on the global level among the top 5 providers.
The whole document is available, can be checked – if you are interested in, please contact our office.
Our results:
1. Strategic Sourcing
    The procurement solutions try to make their solution as userfriendly as possible. Therefore, they offer various opportunities that may benefit the buyer. An example is that over 80% of the procurement solutions provide tender documentation in pre-defined formats, with information from the system. Furthermore, in over 86% of the solutions, the systems automatically show preferred suppliers when the buyer starts a tendering procedure. This sort of intelligence can save valuable time for procurement employees.
    In the execution of the sourcing events the solution providers try to make the buyer’s life easier as well. More than 69% of the solutions provide the possibility to directly post the tender to an online supplier marketplace. Ninety percent offers the possibility to include acceptance of the terms and conditions as a mandatory first step before proceeding.
Also, 91% of the solutions allow a supplier to save its answers and continue at a later moment before submitting them. (Fig.1)
2. Contract Management
    Thirty-two solution providers offer contract management elements. Working together across teams, divisions, and time zones can be challenging. Also, for contract management professionals this poses a great challenge. It is a constant challenge to work together as efficiently as possible, where communication (tools) are key to facilitate this. Avoid streams of e-mails across organizations, automated workflows and alerts can be set up in some of the solutions. (Fig.2)
3. Supplier Performance Management
    While supplier management has different aspects, this section focuses on supplier performance management, and on the challenges that come with it. Having the right data at hand forms the basis for the supplier performance management activities most procurement organizations know so well. (Fig.3)
4. Purchasing
    The Purchasing area of the Procurement Wheel includes all operational activities that need to be conducted to place purchase orders at suppliers, including requisition creation, PO creation and the receipt of goods or services. This is also known as the Purchase-to-Order process (P2O). An effectively designed P2O process enables consistency in what is ordered at the preferred supplier base. This is reflected in minimized process lead times, and optimal grip on spend, supplier performance and purchasing compliancy. (Fig.4)
5. Reporting & Analytics
    Almost all solution providers offer Reporting & Analytics to some extent within their solution. In Reporting & Analytics, we distinguish between four different categories; reporting, dashboards, spend analysis and benchmarking. Although some solutions offer more advanced technologies around reporting and analytics (33% of solutions indicate making use of predictive analytics technologies within some part of their solution), reporting (89%) and dashboard (86%) functionalities are most used within procurement solutions. 61% of the solutions also offer spend analysis, and 31% offers benchmarking functionalities. Interestingly, an unusually large 36% of solutions indicate that benchmarking is on their roadmap, so we can expect to see a large increase in this within the near future. (Fig.5)
    The eeeBID Kft.’s system was researched and evaluated in the following categories: (Fig.6)
        • Supplier Performance Management
        • Strategic Sourcing
        • Contracting
        • Purchasing
        • Ordering
        • Reporting & Analytics
        • Data Management
The eeeBID Kft. is providing services in the areas displayed in (Fig.7).
The full documentation can be cognizable or can be viewed - in case of interest please contact our office.
(Source: CapGemini Digital Procurement Research 2018)
Fig. 1 – Strategic Sourcing
Fig. 2 – Contract Management
Fig. 3 – Supplier Performance Management
Fig. 4 – Purchasing
Fig. 5 – Reporting & Analytics
Fig. 6 – Evaluated categories
Fig. 7 – Area of services

CapGemini SRM Report 2016-2017

We are pleased to present to you the Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) 2016-2017 study, where eeeBID is located in the TOP 4 providers. The internationally recognized system can be used by our customers, and they can profit from it by international experience and continuous development based on the international and Hungarian system characteristics and trends.The present study was done based on the questionnaires of SRM functionality. The analysis questions series is based, from which it is visible, what does the tested eTender software support and what features they support? As on the occasion of previous studies, a review of the services will show the differences between the systems in operation, the majority of complexity and the level of functionality. Some of the tested providers provide complete coverage of the examined areas, while others only focus on certain areas. In this conducted study, independent experts examined the SRM system providers, and then they compared and ranked them based on the achieved score. The eeeBID system was examined similar to last year’s examination and was evaluated as one of the best service providers of assessment between competitors like SAP, Oracle, Ariba or Peoplesoft. This year, our eeebidQL system achieved maximum points in three categories (Procurement Intelligence, Sourcing, and Supplier Performance Management) therefore leading the way in the studied areas. We have achieved excellent results in ‘Supplier Data Management’ and ‘Contract Management’ areas, where at a global level we were ranked among the best 5 service providers. Thanks to the development conducted in line with the market demands, in Hungary we achieved the best position and we were ranked fourth at the global level.
The full documentation can be cognizable or can be viewed - in case of interest please contact our office.
(Source: Capgemini SRM Research 2016/2017)
Fig. 1 – Functionality Analysis Overview
Fig. 2 – Procurement Intelligence
Fig. 3 – Sourcing
Fig. 4 – Supplier Data Management
Fig. 5 – Supplier Management
Fig. 6 – Contract Management
Fig. 7 – Catalogue Management
Fig. 8 – Operational Procurement
Fig. 9 – External Resources